Friday, 8 February 2013

Bowlees Beck and Summerhill Force

A couple of shots from Bowlees Beck (Bow Lee on the Map) during the last cold spell. Unfortunately it looks like the path up to the fall is going to be officially closed for a while due to a landslide.

05D-0438 Bowlees Beck with the Waterfall in front of Gibson's Cave (Summerhill Force) Frozen Bowlees Upper Teesdale County Durham UK
Bowlees Beck

05D-0449 Summerhill Force Waterfall Bowlees, Upper Teesdale, County Durham
Summerhill Force


  1. Wow - that's really something! You've obviously had it much colder than we have. I take it that some of the water was still flowing?

  2. Yes at the time there was still some water flowing just left of centre, but not a great deal. I think one of the reasons it froze so well was that the flow was quite low, but there was still a fair bit of spray. From what I gather it collapsed when it warmed up and flooded at the beginning of last week.