Tuesday 7 April 2015

Castlerigg Stone Circle Sunrise

On Monday Moira and I headed to the Castlerigg Stone Circle to watch the sunrise.  

I find sunrises wonderful sights to behold, but when the location and light come together perfectly, some really have a hauntingly beautiful quality.  Today was one of those.

It was around a half-hour walk from the campsite with just enough time to grab a pic of Blencathra as the sky began to gain some colour in the east

We arrived with just enough time to grab a few shots of the moon 
As the sun rises you cannot help but feel a connection with the ancient people who came here.    

As the sun strikes the stones it really does feel as if there is a physical and emotional thread weaving down through the centuries linking us to our ancestors.

The light was in constant flux as the mist crept across the hillside

This shot was used by the Telegraph this morning

The view south

Being a bank holiday Monday there were several other photographers about and we all tried to keep out of each others shots as best we could.  In the end I thought why not include one.  

Text Images Copyright David Forster www.bluestoneimages.com


  1. Wow. Stunning Images David.

    1. Cheers Alan, it's a lovely place to spend time photographing when the light is as good as that.

  2. What time of day was this David. I imagine around 6.30-7.00am?

    1. If I remember correctly we arrived about 6.30am and the sunrise was just before 7.00am. We left just before 8.00am when the light started to get a bit too harsh.

    2. My favourite is The View South.

    3. Not sure which is my favourite Alan, but that one is high on the list for me as well. Thanks for taking the time to comment.