Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Treading the Dawn Light

It's an odd feeling as you walk in that tiny pool of light cast by your head torch in the pre-dawn of a new day.  It's a contradiction, I know, but it sometimes feels as if the whole world is compressed into those few feet of ground ahead, yet at the same time you can still feel the space around you, especially so if you look towards the sky and see the glint of stars, or the hint of a lightening sky on the horizon.

There is something truly primeval and hauntingly beautiful about watching a sunrise, and it is easy to see why our ancient ancestors placed such reverence on its passage across the horizon throughout the seasons.  

At the very moment as the light spills across the land there is an unbreakable thread between the viewer and those who walked this land thousands of years ago.

Of course no two dawns or sunrises are ever the same and while some arrive in an instant with muted colours that turn swiftly to cobalt blue; others arrive slowly, staining the earth and sky with blood and gold. 

If you get chance head out early and tread the dawn light.

Text and images copyright David Forster 


  1. Terrific set of images David.

    1. Thank you Alan, I had some wonderful light to play with on those days.