Friday, 28 June 2019

Wainwrights - Low Pike and High Pike from Ambleside

From the parking in Ambleside (£7.00 and toilets not open first thing) we (Moira, Graham and Sandra) headed up the Kirkstone road for a few hundred metres before taking a left into Nook Lane.

Under steel grey skies it was hot and muggy as we made our way along the lane leading towards High Sweden Bridge, the oppressive feel of the weather cheered slightly by Foxgloves lining the way.

To start with the views were limited by the high walls of the lane, but a little further along the views opened out westwards over the hay meadows.

High Sweden Bridge is a pleasant spot to stop for a while, however instead of a break by the stream we were keen to get up high in the hope of a breeze, not only to cool us down, but to get rid of the midges which while not in huge numbers, were annoying.

High Sweden Bridge

On the way to Low Pike we passed  through a boggy area that wasn’t really that boggy considering how much rain there has been recently.

The wall was then followed up to the top of Low Pike

High Pike our next objective with the craggy top of Little Hart Crag (right of centre) and our planned descent route back into Scandale from the col to the right.

From here the route up on to High Pike was warm work as the sun began to break through.

Windermere from the top of High Pike

The view NE across Scandale Head towards Little Hart Crag (rocky lump to left of cairn)

The Coniston Fells from just west of the summit wall

Our plan was to head up Thack Bottom Edge to pick up the path to Scandale Tarn before dropping down Scandale pass to meet with our upward route at High Sweden Bridge.

The wall running along Thack Bottom Edge from the summit

Looking ahead we could see the high cairn on High Bakestones so decided to head over and take that in on the way.

Impressive cairn on High Bakestones with Brothers Water just in view to the right

From here it was a pleasant if a little footsore walk down the rocky track back to our start point. On the way we met some rather handsome Highland cattle.

Two more ticked off leaving 48 left to go.

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