Monday, 1 October 2012

Taster Video - Valley of the Ice Flowers

This is a short taster video using some of the footage I made during the spring and early summer. This area of upper Teesdale has been scientifically classified as a sub arctic region and is recognised worldwide as a European and Global Geopark. All of the footage has been taken from the upper tees valley, from Bowlees upstream along the Pennine Way and Green Trod to the Widdybank Fell Nature Reserve.  The valley of the Ice Flowers refers to the rare plants that have grown in this valley since the end of the last ice age.  As it is just a taster I have only included a few plants such as the Spring Gentian, Mountain Pansy and Globe Flower. I have also added a few of our more common plants such as Betony, Bluebell and Celandine.

Please feel free to embed the video in your own site. If possible a link back to would be great.


  1. That's excellent. There is some wonderful imagery in that, David. I particularly like the way a flooded High Force bursts in towards the end. That's very powerful. And the contrasts of flowery hay meadows and bleak moorland, all in one small valley area – it's really good.
    Cheers, Alen

    1. Thanks for the kind comment Alen. The upper dale really is a place of contrasts isn't it. One thing I have noticed up there is that the weather and particularly water are the shaping elements and I am amazed that these delicate flowers are able to survive up there at all.
      Cheers, David