Thursday, 26 June 2014

Standards Hill - Lunedale

I am afraid the next few posts will be a bit random and not in date order.  Blogger is being a right pain and at times and I simply cannot be bothered battling on getting posts up when it goes slow, won't save or add images, refuses to acknowledge I even have a blog at times, or any number of other issues.  I know others are experiencing issues as well so perhaps it is time to move to a new blog such as wordpress.

Anyway yesterday it was rather overcast in Lunedale, but even so despite the poor light I had a wander (or perhaps more accurately heather bash) up onto Standards Hill, returning via the Closehouse mine track

On the way visited another air crash site, this time of a Blenheim Mk1 aircraft which crashed up here in bad weather on 26th October 1938. 

What is left is slowly being claimed by the moor with the rest well buried in the soft peat.

That said despite the passing of over 80 years you can still see the green paint on the aluminium fuselage
Sadly Pilot John Owen Sowerbutts aged 25, Wireless Operator William Ashbridege aged 21 and Wireless Operator/Air Gunner Horace Redfern aged only 18 all died in the accident.

Moving on I headed to the summit of Standards which is a bit like Nine Standards over in Cumbria, only here most of the cairns seem to have fallen down.  There is also a strange little partially roofed cairn/howf with no entrance on the summit.

Not sure about the history of this hill top but clearly a lot of effort has gone into building cairns over the years.  Most have fallen down though.


Despite the cloud there were good views from the summit towards Mickle Fell. 
Text images copyright David Forster


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