Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Greeting the Solstice Sun

In need of some solstice solace after a week stuck in front of a computer processing images and other business distractions (it's not all wandering the hills grabbing the odd pic as you go along you know ;-) we decided to head west to the coastline and low wooded valleys on the Silverdale side of Morecambe Bay.  It's an ideal spot to enjoy some nice circular walks, spend a bit of time wildlife watching and simply sit and immerse yourself in the outdoors. 

Sunset on the 20th June 2014

Accompanied by the sounds of birds we had a walk along the rocky shore, returning much later in the dark.

This image, believe it or not, was shot in the dark with only the slightest hint of afterglow in the sky.  It just shows what modern digital compact system cameras are capable of.  To get the ghost simply ask the person to walk out of the pic part way through the exposure.
The next morning we headed back along the coast to enjoy the solstice sunrise.  With high tide due around 6.am we were careful to make sure we could get back well above the high tide line. 

We stood on the cliffs and watched the tide racing in.  It was both beautiful and frightening at the same time.
From our high point we could see how the tide sneaks in behind any sandbanks cutting off any possible escape.

 The atmosphere feels really menacing when the tide turns.  To start with the sand starts to make a crackling, popping noise.  This is then followed by strange hissing, gurgling and whispering sounds as the sea rushes over the sand, filling in the hollows and encircling the sandbanks. 

I took some real time video shots of the tide coming in and it took around a minute to race up the sandbank and cover it completely. I will add these to the blog when I get time.

Solstice Sunrise
After a couple of hours sleep we headed out for a nice easy circular walk from Silverdale via Jenny Brown's Point.  
Old Quay which dates from around 1790? when copper smelting was carried out at the point.

Copper Smelting Mill chimney further along from the Quay at Jenny Brown's Point
We then heading inland via Fleagarth wood to the village of Silverdale.  The final stretch from the village took us back along the coast via Cove and Know End Point.
In the evening we sat on the rocky shore and watched the sun set across Morecambe Bay and the Kent Channel.


As it got dark we made a small fire just below the tide line for a brew.

Afterglow across Morecambe Bay.

All in all a nice change from mountains.

 Text/images copyright David Forster www.bluestoneimages.com


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