Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Peak Bagging - The Wainwright's

Despite spending most of my time in the hills, I have never put much effort into ticking off peak bagging lists.  That said a few weeks ago in an idle moment I had a tot up to see how many peaks I had done in the Lake District.  I discovered I have 75 peaks to do to complete the Wainwright's.  Of those I am fairly certain I have already done 20 odd, it's just I don't have any records.  For example I know I have been up Hallin Fell several times, but have neither a date, or photo to confirm it.  Similar doubts arise for Sca Fell.  Having done winter routes on Scafell crag such as Moss Ghyll with my pal Robbo, as well as similar summer routes with other friends, I know I have been on top, but am not sure if we bothered to go to the actual summit.  In fact I am almost certain I went to the summit with my friend Chris once, but it's not really in the spirit of the peak bagging game to be fairly sure of a summit is it.

I mention all this to Moira, and in a rash moment declare it's time for me to get on with it and bag all of the Wainwright's.  Mmmm she says, I wonder how many I have done.  We check and find she has definitely done 92 of them with me.  They say the gods laugh when people make plans, so expect a bit of laughter because we are going to start from the baseline of 92 Wainwright's and have a bash at bagging the rest - all 122 of them.

I suspect a few folks will say what's the point?  Well all I can say is why not?  It will be nice to get onto a few hills we probably wouldn't have bothered with, and anyway if nothing else it will be a good opportunity to obtain few publishable pics to further expand on my portfolio along the way.

Blencathra sunrise. Hopefully there will be a few wonderful sights like this along the way.

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