Friday, 1 September 2017

Harnisha Hill Weardale

It was only 4 deg as I headed out to catch the sunrise on Harnisha Hill (Raven Seat), on what is the first day of the Metrological Autumn.  Wandering along in the tiny pool of light cast by my headtorch, my feet blurred by a sea of purple heather flowers, I had visions of grabbing some wonderful shots of these white gritstone rocks contrasting with the heather as the sun rose.  Sadly as I reached the top I realised this was not to be as this years heather burn has blackened this particular area. 

Living in the Dale I do try to see the wider picture when it comes to managing these moors for grouse shooting and know it should recover.  That said the rocks here stand out like bare bones in an apocalyptic landscape and it does not sit well with me at all.  It has however given me an idea for a project to photograph this patch to see how it recovers.

PS, apologies for the colours and contrast being a bit off, uploading to the web seems to be doing odd things to the image.

Text/images © David Forster

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