Monday, 1 April 2019

Wainwrights - Whiteless Pike and Rannerdale Knotts

After a rather long layoff from the mountains we needed a couple that we could bag without pushing ourselves too much.  Set above Buttermere these two fitted the bill perfectly.

Parking in the Mill Bank lay-by we headed down into the village before taking the footpath opposite Crag Houses up onto the open fellside.  Looking back we had cracking views across Buttermere to Red Pike, High Stile and High Crag.

Red Pike (R) In cloud with Dodd just in front), High Stile (L of Centre) and High Crag (L) across Buttermere

Once on the open fell there were lots of paths leading in the general direction we needed to go, so we just chose one that headed in the general direction of Whiteless Breast, a small top on the broad ridge leading to Whiteless Pike.

On the way we noted where the path branched left to Rannerale Knotts as we would be returning to here to climb that once we had done Whiteless Pike. 

In no hurry we made a short detour onto the top Whiteless Breast to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the view. On the way up we had been chilled by a constant cold wind, but once in the shelter of some rocks we enjoyed some spring warmth.

The View from Whiteless Breast with Rannerdale Knotts ahead and Mellbreak rising steeply up from the far side of Crummock Water

It felt like hard work as way made our way steeply up to the summit of Whiteless Pike, but the effort was soon forgotten as we took in the view.

Moira approaching the summit of Whiteless Pike with the view over Crummock Water

A very strong cold wind meant we did not linger to long and after a few pics we made our way down via our route of ascent. 

Some wonderful light began to rake the valley as we made our way down

The wind which had pestered us all day dropped as we reached the path onto Rannerdale Knotts so we had a nice pleasant wander along the ridge to the summit at its western end. 

Summit cairn on Rannerdale Knotts

Mellbreak dominating the view across Crummock Water
Return was via our route of ascent.

That leaves us with 2 left to do in the North West area (Sale and Ling Fell) and overall leaves us 72 of 214 to go.

Text/images © David Forster

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